War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn

War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn

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Game overview

War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn, a free 4X fantasy wargame with real-time and turn-based gameplay. Use your tactical wisdom and manage your city to conquer other lords.

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War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn is a highly creative free-to-play game that seamlessly blends real-time and turn-based strategic gameplay, offering players an exciting 4X multiplayer online role-playing simulation experience set in a fantastical world. The game's unique combat system incorporates chessboard gameplay, allowing players to satisfy their passion for both war and battle strategy and board games. As the ruler of your city, you'll utilize military tactics to face off against other lords. You can also directly fight in battles, marshaling both heroes and soldiers to emerge victorious. Its simple rules allow for easy playability, while still challenging players' strategic and tactical abilities.

If you're weary of traditional tactical games that only rely on number-crunching, War and Magic is the perfect remedy. This game demands that you employ your superior strategic skills in every battle. Here are some things to keep in mind while playing:


1. Gain a thorough understanding of your opponents' strength, and pick your heroes accordingly. As your reputation and prestige grow, more heroes will be drawn to serve you.
2. Equip your heroes with capable soldiers that can fight alongside them. Dozens of different races with unique skill sets are ready to do battle. By pairing the right hero with the best soldiers, you can create a force that is greater than the sum of its parts.
3. Pay close attention to every move on the chessboard. Your wise decisions could turn even the most unfavorable fight to your advantage.


1. At the outset, it's crucial to run your city efficiently. This involves collecting resources, constructing useful buildings, researching new tech, and training soldiers. All of these steps are integral to achieving success.
2. Build alliances with players who share similar values and goals. You can't hope to survive alone in this vast battlefield, where numerous powers come into play. To earn the throne, you must form a powerful alliance. You may collaborate with gamers from different states or work alongside players from your own state, demonstrating your strength to the world.
3. Decide which role you want to play in the war. Thanks to the game's complex system, you can be anyone you desire in this conflict. You may be a powerful warlord, an extraordinary strategist, a merchant dealing in resources, or a spy who moves between various factions to maximize profits.
4. Take the Dragon City to establish your superiority. The most potent ruler deserves to sit on the throne of Tyroria. Do you have what it takes to accept this challenge?


1. Look for new heroes and units to collect, as the game continuously offers fresh content.
2. Enjoy a variety of in-game events and festivals that keep the game engaging and constantly changing.
3. Connect with players from all over the world via the real-time translation system.

To experience the thrill of War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn, go to the Facebook page or contact support@goatgames.com.
GOAT Games
Release date
Feb 21, 2017

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