Wand of Fortune R

Wand of Fortune R

NTT Solmare Corp.
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Game overview

Popular game Beastmaster and Princes After Story now has Japanese voice acting! Join the adventure to break the curse with the missing princes.

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Experience Otomate's beloved game, Beastmaster and Princes After Story, like never before with the addition of JAPANESE VOICE ACTING!

Get lost in the captivating storyline one more time with this exciting new feature!

ļ¼œMeet the Characters with Their Star-Studded Japanese Voice Actorsļ¼ž
Matheus: voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa
Alfred: voiced by Kohsuke Toriumi Upcoming!
Lucia: voiced by Hiro Shimono
Erik: voiced by Yuki Kaji Upcoming!
Klaus: voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto
Silvio: voiced by Takuma Terashima Upcoming!

The currently available series include:
ā™„Beastmaster and Princesā™„
Live your dream of becoming a skilled beastmaster like your mother in the Kingdom of Cattleya.
While searching for a beast of your own, you come across four animals on the street who astoundingly speak human language.
As it turned out, they were none other than the missing princes of the Kingdom of Fasan cursed into beastly forms.
Embark on a journey to break the curse and restore them to their princely selves!

As the princess of your country, you set sail to protect a secret treasure handed down for generations with your companion Nagisa.
Dangerous pirates lurk in the vast sea, along with a ship commanded by the prince of the powerful country where your fiancƩ lives and the Navy, protectors of peace and justice.
Will you choose to accept help from the mysterious ghost ship with hidden secrets?
Let the adventure of love and excitement on the open sea begin!

ā™„Pretty Awesomeā™„
Under certain circumstances, you decide to participate in the Queen of F Contest.
As you delve deeper into this dazzling world, a web of lies and deceit begins to unfold, and everyone has a secret.
Will you steal the spotlight and become the next Queen?

ā™„Become Eliteā™„
Following the sudden death of your wealthy uncle, you inherit a share of his will, including the famous Water Lily estate.
You, along with three obnoxious butlers, have three weeks to train and make a formal debut in society.

ā™„Wand of Fortuneā™„
As a student of a magic school in a faraway land, your constant failures in magic leave the professors at a loss.
Seeking help, you are transferred to the Mills Crea School of Magic in the Magic City of Latium, the hub of magical power.
However, upon arrival, you discover you hold no magical element, posing both a danger and uncertainty.
You are required to acquire an element during your study at Mills Crea.
Will you uncover the source of your anomaly?

The king of Niflheim wants you to become the next queen.
Upon summoning by three strangers, you are taken to the kingdom of Niflheim.
As you get to know the playful and charming members, your heart falls for someone.
Who will be your forever love?

ā™„Mononoke Kissā™„
ā€œI will protect you. Now, you must choose.ā€
You, a born princess living a fortunate life, find your castle attacked by Mononoke.
As it turns out, they are after you!
A group of handsome Mononoke is your new protectors, and forbidden love starts to blossom between you and the supernatural creatures.

...And Many More!

Compatible with Android 5.0 or later and for devices with more than 1GB RAM.
NTT Solmare Corp.
Release date
Dec 20, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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