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Wall of Taiji

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Version 1.3 UPDATES LOG:
• Expanded Tutorial - Master Key is here to guide you on your Taiji Journey!
• Improved How to Play - Learn to Play with an Interactive Swipe Gallery
• Design Update - New design to bring the Wall of Taiji to Life
• Remove Ads - Easy option to remove ads. Thank you for supporting our development!

Version 1.2 UPDATES LOG:
• Minor Bug Fix

Version 1.1 UPDATES LOG:
• Walk-Through Tutorial - Learn how to play in less than 1 minute.
• 24 Star Challenge - Try to win a game with every score possible.
• All-Time High Scoreboard - Keep track of your best 10 scores of all time.
• Player Stats - Now you can see your Win Percentage, Streaks, Total Score and more.

KEY GAMING CO. is proud to present to you The Wall of Taiji! --The Revolutionary New 1-Of-A-Kind 1 Player Free Solitaire Card Game-- that is similar to the Classic Pyramid Solitaire, yet very different in a good way.

This game is an instant classic that will go down in history for changing the card game industry. The Wall of Taiji is super easy to learn but will keep challenging your brain game after game. A full game takes between 1 to 2 minutes to play.

Whether you are a young kid looking to get better at your math, or an old person looking for a simple game to pass the time while standing in line at the grocery store, The Wall of Taiji is the ultimate mobile solitaire card game for all ages.

Just like the classic game of Pyramid Solitaire, the goal is to remove all of the table cards. The big difference in our game is; instead of removing two cards that are equal to 13---in The Wall of Taiji, you remove any number of cards as long as they combine to equal zero.

The Wall of Taiji: Solitaire Card Game uses a single deck of TAIJI Supreme Ultimate Playing Cards. TAIJI Supreme Ultimate is a deck based on the principles of Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, Positive and Negative. For those unfamiliar, this deck has 52 cards with half the cards being black and the other half being white. The color of the card is determined by the background color of the card, this is also known as the card's "force". The force of the card is always either positive or negative.

In The Wall of Taiji, black cards are equal to negative values and white cards are equal to positive values. Combine cards together to equal zero to remove them from the table.

The table has 4 columns of 7 cards and the stockpile contains the remaining 24 cards. You can only go through the stockpile once per game so make your decisions carefully!

To make the game even more fun we added special Action Cards like the Dragon that can nullify all opposite force cards or the Void that can nullify the same force cards. Watch out for those pesky keys that will lock the table and make you draw an opposite force card to remove the key and unlock the table.

If you are able to successfully clear the entire table before the stockpile runs out, you win! Your score is determined by the number of cards remaining in the stockpile, so a perfect game would never use a card from the stockpile and be a score of +24! Enjoy and Good Luck!!

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