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The Wall of Taiji is a revolutionary solitaire card game that challenges your brain. Remove cards that combine to equal zero and win!

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Introducing The Wall of Taiji, the groundbreaking new solitaire game from KEY GAMING CO. that is transforming the card game industry! With a unique gameplay that resembles Classic Pyramid Solitaire but with an exciting twist, the game is easy to pick up but will keep you addicted for hours. Each round takes between 1 and 2 minutes to play, providing you with a quick, fun and challenging gaming experience every time.

The aim of the game like in Pyramid Solitaire is to remove all cards from the table. But unlike the former game, you can remove any number of cards as long as their sum equals to zero. It's a game which requires you to combine your math skills with your strategic thinking. The table layout consists of 4 columns with 7 cards in each column. The stockpile holds 24 remaining cards which can only be gone through once in the game. Therefore, strategic thinking plays a vital role in decision-making to solve the game.

What sets The Wall of Taiji apart is that the game uses a single deck of TAIJI Supreme Ultimate Playing Cards that follow the principles of Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, Positive and Negative. These cards are split into two colors, black and white, with black cards having negative values and white cards having positive values, referred to as the card's "force." You can combine cards together to create a sum of zero and remove them from the table.

To add more excitement, the game features special action cards like the Dragon, which can neutralize all opposite force cards, and the Void, which can nullify the same force cards. However, you must watch out for the keys that will lock the table and make you draw an opposite force card to remove the key and unlock the table.

The game is designed for all age groups, from children to seniors, who are looking for a fun and engaging way to pass their time. With each game, you can test your mental capacity and keep your mind sharp. Try clearing the table with every score possible by playing the 24 Star Challenge. Keep track of your progress on the All-Time High Scoreboard and view your Win Percentage, Streaks, Total Score, and more through Player Stats.

Download the game now to experience the new level of solitaire gaming. The Wall of Taiji offers an ad-free option for a smoother gameplay experience, making it an ideal game for both casual and professional players. Join the Taiji Journey with Master Key by your side, which will help you understand the intricate game concept with an Interactive Swipe Gallery. Play the game for free and experience the revolution for yourself. Good luck!

KEY GAMING CO. LLC is the sole owner of the game, including all imagery and design used in the game interface. TAIJI Supreme Ultimate is a registered trademark of KEY GAMING CO. LLC with all rights reserved.
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