Vwls: A Game About Vowels!

Vwls: A Game About Vowels!

Jambav, Inc
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Game overview

VWLS is a word game challenging players to unscramble consonants and add vowels to find words with 500+ puzzles and level editor.

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VWLS is the ultimate game dedicated entirely to VOWELS. Did you comprehend that?

Word identification becomes a challenging yet exciting task when you have only scrambled consonants and a hint to rely on. Search for the vowels, and the word will follow.


During the game, you will obtain a hint and an assortment of words to uncover. However, there is a catch, as the words will only entail shuffled consonants. By rearranging the consonants and adding accurate vowels, you need to decipher the correct words.

Key Features:

- There are over 500 puzzles to challenge you.
- Enjoy the Level Editor.
- iCloud will have all of your data backed up.
- Detailed in-game statistics will be tallied, thereby giving an in-depth analysis of your proficiency.

"In case there are no vowels in any month, the only time you should refrain from playing is when you are genuinely focused on augmenting your vocabulary!" :)
Jambav, Inc
Release date
Mar 18, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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