Vvvvk: Rogue Vampire Hunter

Vvvvk: Rogue Vampire Hunter

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

Fight in an ancient war between humans and vampires. Infiltrate the ranks of the strongest vampires and survive amorous advances of Princess Mercedes.

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■ Overview ■

Immerse yourself in an age-old war between humans and vampires in this game. With your enemies being stronger than you, you will have to infiltrate the ranks of the most powerful vampires alive to stand a chance of surviving. Prepare yourself for fierce battles and romantic encounters along your journey.

■ Characters ■

Discover Princess Mercedes, the Powerful Mistress, and a crucial ally in your fight. Although she is haughty and arrogant, she possesses immense strength and will be a formidable component of your team. Be cautious of her amorous advances as you seek her support.

Meet Nasturtium, the Erudite Mistress, who will rapidly become the brains behind your team. Though shy, she is remarkably intelligent and insightful, able to master any challenge that comes your way as you progress through the game. Can she keep up under the pressure of your quests?

Katerina, the Warrior Mistress and ultimate vampire-hunter killer, killed over a thousand humans who attempted to stop her reign of terror. Katerina desires human blood and combat, and with her status as the daughter of a distinguished military leader, she remains an incredibly dangerous foe. Will you be her next target?

■ Voice and Sound ■

Immerse yourself in the experience with the excellent voice work and inspiring soundtracks of Maisaki Berry, the game’s Japanese voice actress. Follow her on Twitter at @MaisakiBerry to learn more!
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
Jul 05, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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