GamesVR Galaxy Wars Space Shooter

Game overview

Immerse yourself in an endless 3D universe, explore stunning planets, and battle hundreds of enemies in this thrilling VR space shooter.

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Embark on a galactic adventure, establish colonies on uncharted planets and put your reflexes to the test. Blast off into outer space and journey through a multitude of star systems, engaging in intense intergalactic battles to defend your territory.

Experience the splendor of the universe like never before with a captivating astronomy app that offers a compelling view of our solar system and imparts fascinating astronomical insights. Obliterate waves of enemies, make your way to the boss level, move onto new worlds and emerge as a hero of the cosmos.

Playing is easy:
- Wear a VR headset and venture into the 3D universe.
- Choose from three different galaxies to explore various planets.
- Hone your lightsaber skills by engaging in combat with formidable dark side villains, deftly evading their attacks while launching your own.
- Select a star system by fixing a red dot for a moment and instantly traverse to hundreds of other systems.
- Maneuver your device to acquire the optimal angle for unleashing an assault on stars and obliterating them.

- An endless runner mode with intuitive spaceship controls.
- Diverse challenges and the ability to explore a host of planets.
- A stimulating test of your strategic expertise and mental agility.
- Focus on your enemies and aim precisely to shoot them down or engage with objects en route.
- The action-packed 3D environment is brimming with countless frenzied enemies.
- Immerse yourself completely with a VR space shooter and experience exhilarating battles.

Command the galaxy and lead your fleet to victory, battling enemy forces in epic space battles as you journey forth in search of the Milky Way. Revel in its awe-inspiring vistas, effortlessly navigate through its spectacular expanses and fully immerse yourself in the ambiance of outer space.
Aysha Sehar
Release date
Feb 03, 2020
Single player