Virtual Pet Elephant

Virtual Pet Elephant

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Game overview

Adopt and take care of a 3D virtual pet elephant. Play dress up, forage for food, and manage stats to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Indulge in the joy of having the largest living mammal on earth as your virtual pet with Virtual Pet Elephant! Engage in fun games, dress up your elephant with fancy costumes, and search for food to keep your lovable pet healthy and contented!

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The game features some astounding elements. For instance, you get to command the interactive 3D elephant with all its embellishments such as the big beautiful tusks and a sturdy trunk. Moreover, there are plenty of other exciting activities to thrill you. You can forage for delicious vegetation, discover numerous facts about your pet elephant, stroke and play with its trunk, and even dress-up your elephant!

Your elephant's welfare is your prime responsibility. Therefore, you need to take good care of it by ensuring that it is always well-fed, hydrated, healthy, and ecstatic. Keep a tab on four vital stats, namely, hunger, thirst, health, and happiness to ensure your elephant pet is thriving!

Your creativity is boundless in Virtual Pet Elephant! You can customize the outlook of your elephant pet with colors and funky hats. Additionally, you can also give your pet a personalized name!

Your virtual savanna, where you and your elephant reside, is a divine beauty that's a feast for the eyes. The HD graphics used in the game produce stunning visuals that make your gameplay experience feel all the more realistic. You'll develop an indescribable attachment to your virtual pet elephant in no time!

Go ahead and download Virtual Pet Elephant now and savor the feeling of handling the mightiest land animal!

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