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Virtual Families

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Game overview

Virtual Families: nurture your adopted little people, find them mates, raise families and solve house malfunctions. Dynamic game play that progresses in real time.

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Virtual Families is a unique casual family simulation game that operates in real-time, featuring different little people to choose from that reside on your iPhone. From helping them select a career to earn money for both necessities and luxuries, to finding them a suitable life-partner, raising children, enjoying various leisure activities and maintaining the upkeep of their home, the game is packed with endless excitement and adventure. Every day presents a new twist and there are many challenges to overcome, ranging from housing repairs to mini-puzzles to unravel. This incredible game was a hit on both the Windows and Mac platforms!

What makes Virtual Families even more appealing is that it continues to progress even when your phone is switched off. Therefore, it is vital to check in regularly to care for your little family members.

Here is why Virtual Families is a must-play game:

* Real-time gameplay with unique surprises that come with every new gaming session!
* People are fully trainable, enabling personality shaping and adaptability through positive reinforcement and gentle correction.
* Random events, including tax man visits, that make for an unpredictable and exciting gameplay experience!
* You can choose to marry for love or financial stability, as the power of choice lies with you.
* Raise your children and witness them grow up and go off to college, how exciting is that!
* Immersive and dynamic illness system designed to set you up for a game of doctor!
* Hidden household puzzles that have been strategically hidden within the game for you to explore!
* Continuously improve your household and pass it down to the next generation.
* Collectibles galore, with dozens of unique items for your family to collect and sell, and over 100 Trophies that can be earned for almost every area of gameplay.
* Experience weather changes from sunny days to thunderstorms!

Virtual Families comes highly recommended for fans of Virtual Villagers and other life simulation games.

LDW games are winners of prestigious awards, including but not limited to:

* Sim Game of the Year, awarded by Game Tunnel
* The Zeebys, awarded by Gamezebo
* Recommended Award, awarded by Parents Choice
* Media Award, awarded by iParenting.

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LDW Software, LLC
Release date
Jun 25, 2009
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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