Vampire's Fall: Origins

Vampire's Fall: Origins

Early Morning Studio
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Game overview

Become an immortal champion in this open-world RPG, slay monsters, and triumph in battles. Customize your character's skills and fight evil.

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Are you prepared to engage in battle, newcomer? You've arrived here, raised by a powerful family, and you seem convinced that you have what it takes to save us all. Well, it's a good thing we have fresh recruits like you joining our ranks. Perhaps you'll be the valiant hero destined to find and defeat the fearsome Witchmaster, putting an end to the realm's turmoil and restoring peace.

But then again... perhaps you'll just be a scrumptious snack for the enemy.

Vampire's Fall is a thrilling RPG that immerses you within an expansive open-world adventure, challenging you to fight your way to victory. Are you skilled enough to come up with the winning strategy for PVP battles? Can you rise to the occasion and become immortal through your triumphs on the battlefield?

One of the most appealing aspects of Vampire's Fall is that it strictly adheres to free-to-play mechanics. There are no paywalls or "pay-to-win" features to drain your wallet and ruin your experience. In fact, 90% of our players enjoy the game completely free of charge. Prepare yourself for an awesome role-playing adventure that will captivate you like never before.

Embrace the simplicity of old-school RPGs that built the genre into what it is today. Vampire's Fall's developers are veterans of retro RPGs, meaning they have what it takes to get your blood pumping.

This RPG is a feast for magic and medieval strategy enthusiasts alike. There's a staggeringly huge map to explore teeming with hidden treasures, top skills to unlock, and many monsters waiting to be vanquished in these dark and foreboding lands. Upgrade your character's attributes and dominate the opposition.

Create your unique fighting style by customizing your character's bloodline attributes through 14 abilities and three different skill trees in this action-adventure RPG. Will you prefer tearing down enemy defenses, unleashing vicious lightning bolts, or executing battlefield acrobatics in this strategy turn-based RPG? The choice is yours.

Explore a carefully crafted world defined by witty dialogue, interactive dialogue options, and exciting RPG battles. Talk to esteemed generals, nefarious wizards, and random farmers to gain insight and experience.

Vampire's Fall has received over a million downloads and was chosen as the Best Game for Android by Reddit's r/androidgaming community, among other accolades. The new expansion "The Hunt for Sava" is a 100% free bonus for all players.

The time has come to fight against the rising darkness and emerge victorious. Which villages will you raid, what will you discover, and what type of hero will you become? Play the best RPG game today by installing Vampire's Fall now.
Early Morning Studio
Release date
Sep 06, 2018
Open world
Single player

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