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Navigate the shadowy streets of the Big Apple as a newly turned vampire in Coteries of New York, forging alliances and uncovering secrets in a deeply immersive narrative.

Step into the World of Vampire: The Masquerade with Coteries of New York - an enthralling narrative game set in the bustling metropolis, with the storyline commencing on the night you become a vampire. As a newly-formed vampire, you will prowl the shadowy alleys of New York city, struggling to come to terms with the challenges of existence under the concealing veil of the Masquerade. Be stalwart while building alliances, uncovering secrets and becoming entwined with a tangle of vampire politics that threatens to engulf you whole. Make new acquaintances and allies, divulge details about them and grasp profound knowledge about the world to bolster your perspicacity. Will you be consumed whole by the arduous political endeavours of the Camarilla and Anarchs or will you rise as a gallant among your blood-thirsty brethren? You can either choose to play the prestigious Ventrue, the artistic Toréador or the daring Brujah clans. Each has their own unique powers (Disciplines), different moral compasses, and a distinct perspective on the developing story. Create your own coterie and interact with a diverse group of Kindred individuals, including a sly Tremere sorcerer, a resourceful Nosferatu detective, a fierce Gangrel independent and an enigmatic Malkavian of a hundred faces. Every character has their own story to tell, providing opportunities for fidelity, treachery and redemption. Immerse yourself in a deeply engrossing narrative that explores the dark underbelly of the World of Darkness, with themes of power struggles, morality, and the attempt to retain humanity in the face of eternal damnation. Whether you're a veteran of Vampire: The Masquerade or a newcomer to the franchise, Coteries of New York offers a sophisticated and atmospheric experience that encapsulates the spirit of its source material. Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York sets out to capture the complex realities of vampires. Fused with political struggles, the tussle to retain humanity and to find one's place in the world, it presents an absorbing journey. Immediately from your Embrace by your sire, you will suffer from The Hunger. You will have to gain insight into what it means to be a Kindred - a direction that becomes gradually clearer with each interaction and encounter. Your story will be moulded by the moral choices and power struggles that are often brutal, among the different clans. Keep a close watch on the Beast that was once you, which is always lurking within, waiting to turn a manipulative hunter into a viciously wrathful creature. Coteries of New York enables you to dive into the rich tapestry of the Dark World - a universe encompassing the iconic tabletop role-playing game and acclaimed video game titles. Every choice you make defines your destiny - will you rise or fall in the dark and dangerous world of the undead?
Release date
May 28, 2024
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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