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In Valorborn, save a lost civilization by leading an army, raising heroes, forging alliances, conquering lands, and building a prosperous empire.

Embark on an epic adventure to save a lost civilization in Valorborn, a real-time strategy game where ancient civilizations collide. Assume the role of a commander as you create a powerful army, expand your hexagonal empire, and form indestructible alliances to recover the lost Atlantis civilization. Develop your land, train your heroes, and fight to build an empire that will last! A new world is arriving and a legendary adventure is about to begin. Commander, it's your responsibility to lead your empire's forces in the epic battle to fight with players from all around the world and save a lost civilization! The glow of the old world has dimmed with time, and a mysterious force has emerged through a scarlet veil. As the old world's glory fades into the distance, an enigmatic power rises from the mist, seeking to establish a new order and unite all civilizations under its banner. Valorite's radiance has become inactive; Atlantis, the ancient city, has gone silent; its devoted inhabitants have been captivated by a puzzling force, and its great defenders have been entombed under its high walls. Among the ruins, one steadfast leader stands tall. VALORBORN GAME FEATURES: DEVELOP YOUR DOMAIN: Develop your land, summon heroes and clash in huge battles to construct a powerful empire in this civilization strategy game. Lead your forces in fights against players from all around the world and save a lost civilization- Atlantis, and it's up to you to resist and revive this ancient civilization. RAISE HEROES: Summon heroes from Valhalla and train them to become unstoppable warriors. Command archers, infantry, magi, and shield bearers and use your tactical expertise to build an unbeatable army. FIGHT WITH ALLIES: Form alliances with other players and get involved in large-scale, epic battles to assert dominance over the continent. Set off on an adventurous journey to explore lost ruins, enigmatic caves, and the deep ocean. Discover hidden treasures and ancient city walls to strengthen your army and kingdom. SHAPE YOUR EMPIRE: Start with a single plot of hexagonal land and construct a thriving city by sensibly allocating resources, assigning citizens to different jobs, constructing functional buildings, and upgrading everything to create a prosperous empire. Conquer lands, face the Scarlet Legion, and use your tactical expertise to defeat enemy armies and seize victory. EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN SEAS: Embark on a daring expedition through the unknown oceans, where untold wonders await. Dive deep into the water and uncover legendary treasures hidden beneath the waves. Encounter immense powerful ancient creatures, testing your courage and skills. With unyielding determination, venture forward fearlessly to conquer the untamed lands, and assert your dominance as the master of the seas. CLEAR A PATH TO VICTORY: The menacing Scarlet Legion poses an ever-present danger within the haunting ruins of lost Atlantis. Driven by an insatiable hunger for resources, they engage in epic wars, leaving behind only destruction. As the commander, tactically deploy your legions, command your heroes, and exploit the terrain to gain the advantage over the enemy armies. Seize victory with cunning tactics and unbreakable resolve and establish your dominance once and for all. BUILD A PROSPEROUS CITY: Sensibly allocate your resources and ensure that each citizen contributes to the prosperity of your empire. Construct various functional buildings from farms to workshops to support the growth of your city. Upgrade your structures and technology to unlock new possibilities as you aspire to dominate with a mighty and prosperous new empire.
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