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Real-time strategy card game Valkyrious features unique Valkyries, creative card deck-building, and thrilling combat modes. Compete for the title of top player in the Grand Tournament.

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Valkyrious is a real-time strategy card game that offers endless excitement and tension. In this game, you will be creating decks of powerful Valkyries with unique abilities to fight against your opponents. The game allows you to summon Valkyries and utilize tiles while taking advantage of the synergy between them to claim victory!

This game is all about quick thinking and strategy. Every second counts in this intense battle, and you need to come up with a strategy on the spot to claim victory. You can never let your guard down on the battlefield, or your opponents will take advantage of any weakness.

One of the most exciting features of Valkyrious is the various types of Valkyries you can collect. Each one has its own set of skills, and you need to create specialized decks to win battles. You can upgrade your Valkyries and customize their abilities to catch your enemies by surprise.

There are various combat modes available in the game. You can explore the game's combat system and story in Chapters or challenge opponents from around the world in the Arena. You can hone your skills in Chapters and compete against different opponents live in the Arena.

If you're feeling ambitious, you can even participate in the Grand Tournament. This tournament brings together 4 to 64 players to compete for the title of top player.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest game development news and events, check out Valkyrious' official channels. You can visit the game's brand website, official Medium page, and official Discord server. And, if you want to ensure the best gameplay experience, it is recommended that you have Android 10 or above and a Galaxy S20 or above.

In summary, Valkyrious is a real-time strategy card game that lets you create powerful decks of Valkyries to defeat your opponents. With its various combat modes and upgrades, you can customize and hone your Valkyries to become the top player in the game.
Release date
Oct 26, 2023
Single player

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