Valkyrie Love Goddess

Valkyrie Love Goddess

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

Obtain Thor's hammer with Freyja and Valkyrie while facing Loki and controlling your newfound power in this Norse myth-inspired adventure.

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Are you ready to become a high school senior with godlike strength? On the night before your 18th birthday, you’ll have a dream about the mythical hammer Mjolnir. But when you wake up, this dream will turn into a reality and you’ll end up with incredible powers that will ruin any job you try. That’s when a friend will suggest you join the ‘Valkyrie Detective Agency’. However, things will get complicated when you discover the agency is led by Freyja, the Norse goddess, and her valkyrie warrior, who are on a mission to retrieve Thor’s hammer. Moreover, Loki, the trickster god, will appear and try to cause the apocalypse, leading you into an intense adventure.

As you join the team, you’ll meet the fierce warrior, Valkyrie, whose job is to protect Freyja. She is tough and bold, always keeping her guard up around you. However, Valkyrie may assist you in controlling your powers, giving you a glimpse of her genuine and sincere personality hidden behind her shield. Can you break down Valkyrie’s walls and get to know her better?

Freyja, the Love Goddess, is the most potent being in the room, and naturally, leadership rests upon her shoulders. While highly intelligent and beautiful, she feels lonely on the inside and will tease you with a sly grin. Her position leaves her feeling isolated, but you may be the one who can stand by her side as an equal. Will you be able to win her over?

Your classmate, Kiyumi, is smart, nerdy, and cute. She’s the brains of the team and always knows what to do. However, she feels inferior to Valkyrie and Freya since she’s only human and can’t match their superhuman strength and abilities. Can you help Kiyumi comprehend her value and show her how important she is to the team?

Join the ‘Valkyrie Detective Agency’ and embark on an epic journey to retrieve Thor’s hammer while discovering the true essence of friendship and camaraderie. You’ll face challenges, battles, and have to use your godlike strength to face the apocalypse. Are you ready to take on a Norse adventure like no other?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
Oct 24, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Valkyrie Love Goddess: Valkyrie Route #15 | Visual Novel Game | Anime-StyleI am ThePaladinOfSkill
Valkyrie Love Goddess #3 | Visual Novel Game | Anime-StyleI am ThePaladinOfSkill
Valkyrie Love Goddess 1Razlane
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