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Vagrant Sword: Rogue-like hack and slash set in feudal Japan. Ascend the pagoda to confront demon horde's general. Free from In-App Purchases and Ads.

Embark on a thrilling adventure through ancient Japan with Vagrant Sword, a captivating 2D rogue-lite hack and slash game. Your character is a solitary rōnin – a samurai without a master – venturing into a small village recently overrun by a swarm of demons. These formidable creatures have taken up residence in the imposing pagoda that looms over the village, and it's up to you to penetrate its ruthless depths and confront the demonic general. The townsfolk are withering and shattered, but they will lend a hand in any way they can as you start your ascent up the pagoda. With just your wooden training sword to defend yourself, you must battle unceasing waves of monsters that assail you at every step. To succeed, it's essential to armor and arm yourself with powerful weapons you could acquire from the town's blacksmith and item merchant. Randomly generated levels offer unending challenges with every playthrough, as you face off against deadly enemies and monsters at every floor, each more malicious and monstrous than the last. Progress through the dungeon to discover an evolving narrative and unpredictably dangerous dungeon inhabitants coming your way. Vagrant Sword stands out in its genre for being entirely devoid of in-app purchases and ads, rendering it free of despicable microtransactions or interruptions to one's gaming experience. Get your hands on your sword and immerse yourself in the gripping world of Vagrant Sword, where only the mightiest and sharpest sword can save you from a never-ending flood of demons.
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