Uyuriih's Perscription

Uyuriih's Perscription

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Escape from a cursed otome game where every handsome character disappears in this steam punk-themed adventure.

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Looking for a fascinating storyline with a touch of curse and steampunk? Then "The Prescription of Woo Ury Leaf" is the perfect game for you. This escape adventure game revolves around the urban myth of good-looking boys disappearing after installing the mobile game. University student Matsuri, who only sees women as targets, finds himself trapped in the game after installing it on his smartphone. Contrary to his belief that it's just an urban myth, Matsuri eventually finds himself struggling to escape from the game, where he meets robots and other boys who are in the same predicament.

What's interesting about this game is the unusual world it presents. The game features both a "survey part," where you collect information by talking to different characters, and a "search part," which requires you to solve various puzzles and gimmicks to uncover the mystery. Uncover the secrets of the story with the help of multiple endings, which occur based on your choices throughout the game.

With impressive voice acting from talented voice actors and beautiful stills, the game's scenarios are just as engrossing as any escape game. Shadow Logic's Benoma Rei brings you an excellent and somewhat horror-like script, with volumes surpassing the usual escape game. Additionally, you can also enjoy a clicker mini-game to take a break or pass the time after you've cleared the main story.

Overall, the "The Prescription of Woo Ury Leaf" is the new escape adventure game that offers unique gameplay mechanics and an engaging storyline. It's a game that offers a perfect escape from reality and can be enjoyed by anyone. You can download the game for free, but be wary that there are in-game purchases. However, it's a small price to pay for the excitement and adventure that awaits you.
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