Uridongne Goyangi Chrreul Joahae: Gillyangi Meokbang Choseongkwijeu

Uridongne Goyangi Chrreul Joahae: Gillyangi Meokbang Choseongkwijeu

BuzzPowder Inc.
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Game overview

Guess what the stray cat wants to eat. Solve food quizzes, watch cute eating scenes, and boost happiness levels!

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Can you guess what street cat wants to eat?

1. Deduce what the street cat wants to eat based on the initial sound!
2. Watch a cute eating show with Omnomnom cat!!
3. Challenge yourself and move on to the next stage filled with excitement and anticipation!!!

An idle day in our neighborhood, where cats roam about.
What does a hungry street cat want to eat, exactly??
A professional street cat mukbang project that challenges the limits of your food knowledge!

Solve countless initial sound quizzes on various mouthwatering foods~
Give a happy eating show to an adorable cat โ™ฅ

Save various and cute mukbang scenes in albums~
Raise a cat's happiness index and compete for rankings!

Stimulate your appetite by 100%, customer satisfaction by 200%, and happiness index by 300%.
Meet the charming cats of our neighborhood right now!

โ€ปThe game is only a gameโ€ป
Human food can be harmful to real cats. Please do not follow the game's content in real life!
Developer contact:
#608, 142, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
BuzzPowder Inc.
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