Urban Drug Empire

Urban Drug Empire

Cybertale Games
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Game overview

Build your drug empire in this thrilling simulation game with strategy elements. Deal and produce a variety of drugs while avoiding rivals and law enforcement.

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Enter the world of Urban Drug Empire where you are the mastermind criminal who has to run a drug empire by making smart choices, planning tactics, and outwitting the rivals to attain absolute power. This game is a thrilling and immersive text-based strategy simulation game that gives you all the adrenaline rush you need.

With a vast range of drugs at your disposal like heroin, ecstasy, coke, LSD, mushrooms, weed, ketamine, and crack, the game challenges you to be strategic in buying low, selling high, and earning mind-boggling profits. Every drug has its pros and cons, so it's necessary to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

However, the path to becoming a drug lord is paved with danger as rival gangs and the law enforcement agencies are always on your track. You must defend your turf and evade the police's attention, and to do so, you can bribe the cops or use the Doc to patch you up after a fight.

Focusing on the game's life simulation aspect, you have the opportunity to buy various types of weapons, residential properties to expand your empire's capacity, and make life-changing choices that can influence your overall well-being. The game also offers you a chance to create strategic alliances or enemies in your journey to power alliance.

As the empire grows, expand your drug labs to produce your drugs and hire dealers to sell your products, launder your profits in legitimate businesses, and build long-lasting relationships to gain support.

However, beware of the consequences of your actions as one wrong step can lead to detrimental outcomes, and your reputation can come crumbling down. Therefore, to be the ultimate drug kingpin, you must manage resources smartly, make strategic decisions, and keep your position in the criminal world intact.

Experience the thrill of running a drug empire by downloading Urban Drug Empire- a challenging game that will keep you hooked throughout your gaming journey. Start building your empire today!
Cybertale Games
Release date
Feb 16, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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