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Upgrade the game

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Upgrade all aspects of your game, from graphics to spaceships. Collect money by killing enemy spaceships, but don't let them pass your defenses.

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Looking for a game to upgrade everything you can think of? Then check out this game! From your spaceship to the menus, sound and graphics, you can upgrade everything in this game.

Starting from a poor game, you can work your way up to a completely customized version. In order to upgrade, you will need the money you get from killing enemy spaceships. However, be careful, as if they manage to get past your last line of defense, then you lose the game!

At level 5, you will come across the Alien Commander. In order to defeat your enemies, you will need to get skilled at using two particular skills: simply freeze the time or invoke your image mirror.

Begin with basic pixels and upgrade all the way to the graphics of spaceships. With this casual game, all ages can have some fun upgrading parts of the game.

Some exciting features include upgrading the interface such as the main menu, shop menu and tutorial; graphics in your ship, enemy ships, shots, background as well as the boss; shields, move speed, fire attack speed, speed of coin, amount of coin and much more. If you wish to upgrade skills, you can do so by increasing the number of times you can use them and how long they remain active. There are also many achievements to gain throughout the game.

Another great feature is that you can decrease the chance of the boss's appearance at the end of each round. Looking for more? This game is made in OpenGL, with some sounds from freesfx.co.uk and images from opengameart.org.

If you are looking to have some fun and upgrade everything gaming has to offer, check this game out. Remember, it is the creator's first game, so leave some feedback and let them know what you think. Visit them at www.suduck.com or their social media channels https://www.facebook.com/suduckgames and https://twitter.com/SuduckGames to leave your vote and comment today!
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