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Unpossible challenges your reflexes, memory, and skills, while making you smile and scream; face the obstacles and survive different levels.

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Put your skills and reflexes to the test with Unpossible, a game that promises to make you smile and probably scream too. The game has been designed to keep you engaged, to the point where you'll be dying often and blaming yourself for your mistakes. What's more, the obstacles seem to know how to fight you, making the experience even more challenging.

Unpossible has received the "Best New Games" accolade from Apple and is a must-buy. It's a relentless and thrilling game that has earned five stars from players. TouchArcade has even named it the "Game of the Week."

The game is played with easy-to-learn controls, with three options available: touch, tilt, and external controllers. Each control scheme is tailored to ensure that controls don't get in the way of gameplay, allowing players to stay focused and immersed.

There are three gameplay levels in Unpossible. Simplicity is where you begin and is an introduction to the world of Unpossible. Spend time mastering Simplicity before moving on to Futile, the level where most people spend their time. Futile is faster-paced and will find your weaknesses, making you conquer them. Survive for 60 seconds in Futile to unlock Ultra, the pinnacle of Unpossible.

Ultra is a true test of skill and endurance. Obstacles spin, and the sequences you learned before will be unlearned, meaning you'll need to adapt quickly. Only the strongest players will make it through Ultra.

For those who like to play a single level, try Daily Simplicity, Daily Futile, or Daily Ultra. These levels remain the same for a full day and are the same difficulty as their regular counterparts. There are also special achievements for the daily levels, so beat them every day to see what you can unlock.

Cruise mode offers a different experience, allowing players to practice turns or use their devices to create live-action art. This zen level is a way to unwind after the intense challenges of the other modes.

The Unpossible development team includes Bryan Duke and Tanya Duke of Acceleroto, Michael Heald of Fully Illustrated, Mike Berg of We Heart Games, Mark Cook, and Matt Piersall of Gl33k. These award-winning developers have created an engaging and challenging game that will have players asking for more. Follow @Acceleroto on Twitter for more updates.
Release date
Apr 17, 2014
Single player

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