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Game overview

Undestroyed: A stylish and immersive shadow-scrolling roguelike action game in a cyberpunk world with a variety of powerful weapons to craft and evolve gameplay.

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* Gamepad Support
A chaotic AI wiped out humanity, plunging the world into darkness.

Even the last standing hope, a shelter, was attacked and destroyed.
As a mechanical adventurer, your job is to uncover lost technology and illuminate the dark world.

Undestroyed brings players to a futuristic cyberpunk universe.
It's a rogue-lite experience featuring intense, side-scrolling combat against hordes of killer robots.

* Game Highlights

Stylish Shadow Combat
Step into a unique 2D shadow combat game with an immersive mix of melee and ranged battles.
Experience a combat system driven by vibrant and powerful weapon combos.

Rogue-Like Mastery Meets Fighting Games
Each death should be viewed as a learning opportunity rather than a failure.
Every time you die, you acquire new weapons and capabilities that will make fights more thrilling.

Craft Powerful Weapons
Craft weapons that feel good to you, including dual blades, spears, machine guns, and more.
Defend yourself with sub-weapons like drones, grenades, and shields.
Arm yourself with powerful weapons to crush your foes.

Gameplay Evolution
The 'Battle Body' system allows you to change your character's appearance, whilst 'Ability Cards' equip you with special abilities.
Create your own unique battle style by choosing your own weapons and equipment.

Survive Dynamic Mechanical Dungeons
Fight your way out of mechanical dungeons fraught with danger, for example, giant saw blades.
Defeat all enemies and clear the dungeon or press forward to the next stage to stay alive.
Dreamplay Games
Release date
May 03, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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