Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike

Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike

Wired Dreams Studio
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Game overview

Use three unique abilities to defeat enemies and strategize in each turn. Be wary of stamina consumption in each move.

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Experience a fast-paced action-packed game where your character possesses unique abilities that are vital for a triumphant round. It is important to note that every ability drains your energy, which can be restored with turns, so make sure to use them judiciously.

The first ability, DASH, enables you to cut through your enemies in a straight line, inflicting damage on them if you have a sword, or dodging through them if you do not have one. Your second ability, JUMP, allows you to leap from one square to another, causing a stun effect on your foes if you possess a sword or simply pushing them if you don't. Finally, THROW permits you to toss your sword at an adversary, inflicting damage. Movement consumes less energy when you are bare-handed, and you can seize your sword while dashing or jumping, killing enemies with minimal energy.

Sharpen your strategic prowess by combining your abilities to outsmart your enemies and acquire the best plan for every move. Get ready for a thrilling adventure that demands thinking on your feet, swift reflexes, and decisive action.
Wired Dreams Studio
Release date
May 19, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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