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UNCROWNED: Medieval Europe-based fantasy world RTS game with battles of 200+ soldiers & heroes, recruiting and training them, and expanding your territory.

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If you're searching for a mobile game that features epic battles between hundreds of soldiers and characters, look no further than UNCROWNED. Winner of the "Toho Award" at the 2020 Google Play Indie Games Festival in Japan, UNCROWNED is a real-time strategy game set in a fantasy world that fuses elements of medieval Europe.

The game's focus is on battles where players can partake in skirmishes and fight over keeps and various geographical features such as forests, bridges, open fields, lakes, and hills. UNCROWNED is the ultimate choice for those seeking a strategic mobile gaming experience.

UNCROWNED allows players not only to engage in recreational battles but to also develop their territory over time, similar to simulation games. As the lord of the medieval fantasy world, players need to recruit many heroes, train them, and gain recognition across the land.

One of the most interesting features in UNCROWNED is that players must train the heroes they've recruited to be more effective on the battlefield. The game offers players a chance to adjust gear, receive gifts from heroes, open treasure chests, and expand their territory.

UNCROWNED also features an assortment of heroes and soldiers that meet on various battlefields, ranging from swordsmen to mages and archers, creating an intense battlefield experience. Play with players from all over the world and strive to win the most keeps to secure your victory.

Lastly, recruit heroes at the tavern and get to know them while enjoying a post-battle drink. UNCROWNED is the perfect game for mobile gamers seeking a next-level strategic and epic gaming experience. Check out UNCROWNED on their official Twitter page and stay updated on their latest updates and developments.
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