Ultra Instinct Master

Ultra Instinct Master

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Saiyans battle in a tournament to gain godly powers, with transformations and powerful techniques, in a 2D fighting game with over 80 characters.

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Join the ultimate tournament that features all generations of Saiyans, past, present, and future, to unlock the power of the gods. After putting in grueling hours of training, each participant has attained an incredible level of strength, with new techniques and skills to show for it. Witness epic battles between Songoko, their friends, Mystic Legendary Super Saiyan, and other gods from the 12 universes in an effort to safeguard the Earth. Prepare for intense action with numerous transformations of both Saiyan and non-Saiyan characters. Train diligently alongside the Dragon Fighter Z team, in preparation for the final battle.

The Ultra Instinct Master boasts superb features such as a 2D pixel fighting game with a vast array of powerful Saiyans. Engage in various modes, including 1v1, 3v3, teamvs, and a CPU battle. Hone your skills throughout training and unlock over 120 secret combos. With over 80 Saiyan and friend characters included in the Infinite World Champion, the game promises an endless source of excitement. If you're a fan of fighting games, you simply cannot miss out on this one.
Brunos Game
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