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Ultimate Lion Simulator

Game overview

As the ferocious lion, survive and thrive in a vast wilderness while hunting for prey, customizing your pride and rising to the top!

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Step into an impressive adventure as an unyielding Lion! Fearlessly conquer a treacherous and unfamiliar environment to claim your position at the top of the predator hierarchy! Assemble, nurture, and modify your Lion pride, stalk your prey to feed them, and wage war against fearsome foes, such as the lethal trio of Hyenas!

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Fresh Features

Realistic Simulator
In order to survive in the wild, you must comprehend the significance of maintaining your health, hunger, thirst, and energy levels!

Epic Fights
Wield your razor-sharp claws and spine-chilling roar to instil fear in the hearts of your enemies! Leap in the air and land critical hits by utilizing touch-based targets, pounce on your adversaries, and deliver stunning finishing moves! Employ the updated touch-based commands to direct your pride to encircle and eliminate your foes! The newly added Night Vision enables you to hunt in the dark!

Build Your Lion Pride
Dominate other lions and compel them to join your pride! Assume the role of any lion in your pride and cultivate a fearless family of predators! Each lion now has health, statistics, and rankings, resulting in significantly more engaging gameplay!

Raise Lion Cubs
Breed baby Lion cubs, which will transform into powerful members of your pride! Carry them around in your mouth, and even assume their role to hunt small creatures!

Customize Your Lions
Select a name, gender, fur pattern, and even tint them in any hue of the rainbow to create your dream pride! Attain Alpha status to unlock the heroic furs that showcase your Lion skills and prowess!

Level Up Your Lions
Conquer dangerous foes, scavenge carcasses, and accomplish missions to gain experience! Take your Lions to the next level by increasing their health and attack damage, earning points to upgrade their statistics, and expanding the size of your Lion pride!

Earn Stat Points
Stat Points enable you to award bonuses to critical Lion traits, such as Health, Critical Attack Chance, and Run Speed!

Upgradeable Buffs
Buff Points allow you to enhance your Roar and Growl Buffs, which activates temporary Stat Boosting auras around your Lion!

Unlockable Skills
Skill Points unlock and improve extraordinary abilities for your Lions. Upgrade “Enhanced Senses” to transform into a raging monster that doubles your running and attacking speed!

Ragdoll Physics
Your prey will realistically hang from your mouth as you carry them! Clamp your jaws around the carcass of larger prey and drag them into a secluded area to enjoy your meal in peace.

Dynamic Weather and Day/Night Cycle
A procedural weather system that incorporates specific storms, clouds, sunrise, sunset, and celestial movements!

Massive Realistic 3D Environment
Owning an enormous environment, we had to create three distinct dens for your Lions! Track down your prey across the vast golden savannah's long grass plains and navigate the rocky hills of the Stone Oasis or explore the hazardous Elephant Boneyard!

25 Unique Species
Pursue animals like hyenas, gazelles, impalas, elephants, rhinoceroses, snakes, fish, flamingos, storks, mice, rats, crocodiles, African Dogs, rabbits, water buffalos, wildebeests, giraffes, cheetahs, and naturally, the Lion!

HD Next-Generation Graphics
From the thick mane and piercing eyes of your Lion to the decaying bones of the Elephant Boneyard, everything seems so real that you will forget that you’re playing a game!

Optional Blood Effects
If you are of age or have parental consent, use the BRAND NEW blood effects to heighten your combat ferocity!

Gluten-free Promise
All of our games offer the full game with no ads or in-game purchases!

Download the Ultimate Lion Simulator to unleash your inner predator and experience the thrilling life of the fiercest predator in the Animal Kingdom, the Lion!

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Release date
Aug 25, 2015

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