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Two Spies

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Compete in a Cold War spy training program with strategy and deduction. Trick your opponent to win rounds and collect spy pins.

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Engage in a battle of wits and strategy with Two Spies, a captivating turn-based spy training program that immerses you in Cold War Europe. Employ covert tactics to gain cover, exercise control over cities' informants to capture territories on the map, deduce your target's whereabouts, or deceive them into revealing it – and strike with precision to seize the victory.

With sleek board-game style maps, Two-Spies delivers a unique experience as you learn the ropes of being a spy with the assistance of a training bot. Test your espionage skills against adversaries from anywhere in the world through matched games available online. To enhance your gameplay experience, get a Season Pass, which allows you to view player rankings, access valuable statistics, and earn prestigious pro pins.

Whether you are in the mood for challenging a friend in local wireless, "pass and play," or internet play, Two Spies offers an array of active gameplay features. The game's turn-based mechanics enable you to take real-time and calculated actions to outmaneuver your opponent, collect spy pins to intimidate your enemies, and trick your opponent by executing moves that are least expected.

Interestingly, Two Spies painstakingly avoids any consumable in-app purchases or any "pay to win" elements, offering an appealing gameplay experience for players. The game's design is based on an old cold war spy training program, taking its cues from their playbook.

Play your part in the world of espionage and experience the rush of outsmarting adversaries in this remarkable spy-themed game. Don't take our word for it, check out the App Store's "Game of the Day" feature from April 2020, where Two Spies was hailed as an exciting game of espionage, or the recommendation by Steven Hackett from 512 Pixels who says, "A great turn-by-turn game with just the right amount of chance thrown in.
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Release date
Dec 09, 2019
Single player

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