Twilight Shadows

Twilight Shadows


Game overview

The opening of the gate of hell has broken the original tranquility, everything in the world degenerates again, and some unknown mysterious forces are approaching.
Twilight Shadows is a new Gothic dark style game. Along with the clock of zero, the blood race revived. In order to fight for the sealed Sacred Vessel, the major forces regrouped, constantly tearing the land. In order to purify the world, you are inexplicably involved in this crisis. On the way to explore the continent, you’ll encounter all kinds of Goth girls to help, clever use of strategy to turn danger into success. Finally can you break through the fog and gather the power of the Sacred Vessel to close the gate of hell? Only time will tell...

Gift from Demon - Come Receive the Card Draw Tickets
Blessed with the gift of the demon, super benefits are about to come. You can get summon vouchers online, and a large amount of resources and items for free, so you can be one step ahead in the fight for the Sacred Vessel.

Dark Romance - Encounter with Diverse Goth GFs
Bloody sunset, the night is coming. Through your continuous growth, you can get to know all kinds of charming witches and embark on this unknown journey, and form a deep relationship in the process. It is also considered that there is a trace of romance under the dark atmosphere.

Adventure of Arena - Match Strategies to Battle to the Top
With easy playing methods, rich strategic tactics and lineups, you can instantly win the game. Constantly hone yourself in the brutal underground competition and finally become the king here!

Gothic Immersive Plot - Save the Witch Imprisoned by Devil
Legend has it that the Sacred Vessel exists in the form of Dracula's True Blood. In this chaotic world, various forces have launched a new showdown to obtain it. Is it to close the gate of hell or to obtain the power of evil? Let us go together to uncover the layers of fog.

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