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Play as a turnip in this hilarious adventure filled with puzzles, enemies, and tax evasion. Battle massive bosses and grow plants to pay back your debt.

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Get ready to embark on a side-splitting adventure brimming with action, brainteasers, and avoidance of tax obligations. Interact with cute, talking fruits and vegetables while also battling fierce animal bosses and countless adversaries in exhilarating dungeons.

Lead an adorable turnip, who is, unfortunately, a total troublemaker in society. After being expelled from your home due to unpaid taxes, embark on an epic venture to repay your substantial debts to the onion mayor.

As you journey through the game, discover what is spoliating the garden community and stand up to dismantle the corrupt vegetable government. Get immersed in a heart-racing, solitary excursion filled with tax dodging, petty wrongdoings, and much more.

Jump into dungeons packed with mazes, challenges, enemies, and precious treasures. Fight colossal beasts that terrorize the garden community. Sow crops and harvest plants to support your quest.

Meet a varied cast of eccentric food-based characters, each with their own storylines and dilemmas. Tear apart heaps of tax-related papers that erase your trail, catapulting you towards potentially destroying the corrupt administration.

Earn a collection of hats and alternate between them as you please. Work towards multiple conclusions based on how you commit tax evasion.

Enjoy a thorough account of the game's world, detailing how it became what it is today. Note that the full game's purchase is necessary to obtain unrestricted access to the game content. Only the trial version will be free.

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PID Games
Release date
May 19, 2022
Single player




DobanekDobanekfrom Skich app

Truly the best game i've ever played, but then they make us pay or else we can't continue playing

BatataBatatafrom Skich app

Very funny game

ArctilliusArctilliusfrom Skich app

Great litlle adventure game, of course you need to pay for full game but i don't think its that worth it since you can finish the whole game in like a few hours and theres only the endless mode after that so yea

MasterBaiterMasterBaiterfrom Skich app

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