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Game overview

TSUMUGU LOGIC: Escape & Adventure Novel game with detective, mystery, and puzzle features. Solve cases and find out what's left in hand in Tsumugu's unusual daily life.

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[Unravel the Mystery, Face the Challenges of Young Adulthood]

◆ Plot ◆
Meet Tsumugu Taki, lead protagonist of the story, as he moves to Nagoya to attend university. Lacking ambition, he spends his days at school in a state of apathy. However, life takes an unexpected turn when Tsumugu finds himself caught up in a series of mysterious cases. Alongside the sharp-witted Sosei Morotomiya and Kotoko Yotsutsuji, whose reunion feels like destiny, Tsumugu sets out to solve the mysteries that plague his everyday life. What happens when his options are no longer endless?

◆ Features ◆
TSUMUGU LOGIC is the ultimate Escape & Adventure Novel game, combining mystery, detective work, and puzzle solving elements. To progress in the game, players must interact with characters, conduct extensive searches for items and evidence, and interrogate suspects. Enjoy hours of free game content (in-app purchases available) with a scenario volume that is over ten times the size of other escape games. Play with beautiful graphics and a full-screen mode, and engage in mini-games with various main characters. Sit back as parts of the story come alive with voice acting.

◆ Ideal for Players Who ◆
Plunge into the world of Tsumugu Logic, whether you're a fan of detective stories, reasoning, puzzle-solving, or questioning and searching for items and evidence. Fans of long, drawn-out mystery stories within escape games, aficionados of detective games, escape rooms,and Otome games should also give TSUMUGU LOGIC a try. And for those who seek an immersive experience, the game boasts voice acting to add to the realism.

◆ Voice Actors & Actresses ◆
TSUMUGU LOGIC features an all-star voice cast, including Junya Enoki, Kotaro Nishiyama, Minami Takahashi, Shunsuke Takeuchi, and more.

◆ Opening Song ◆
The game’s opening theme is “Blooming!”; a catchy tune sung by Rico Sasaki, lyrics written by hotaru, and composed and arranged by Yusuke Shirato.

◇◆ Special Gifts for the English App Release! ◆◇
To commemorate the English release of TSUMUGU LOGIC, players can receive some special gifts like 100 Jewels, 2,000 Coins, and 3 Dash Jellies. Keep in mind that Jewels are necessary to progress further in the game.

◆ Game Information ◆
Category: Escape & Adventure Novel
Devices: Android, iOS
Price: Free-to-play for the most part, with in-app payments available
Developer: SEEC Inc.
Author / Scenario: Benoma Ray
Official Site: (JP) https://se-ec.co.jp/appli/tsumugulogic/
Official Twitter: (JP) @tsumugulogic (EN) @SeecInc_EN
*Please note that the game's stability depends on the strength of your internet connection.

- Uninstalling the app will delete all saved game data, both paid and unpaid.
- The developers do not recover lost game data.
- No refunds are issued for in-game purchases.
- Tablets are not recommended for gameplay.
- A stable internet connection is required for proper gameplay, otherwise, there's a risk of losing game data.
-Fanfiction and video distribution guidelines are available on the official TSUMUGU LOGIC website.
-Please refer to the official SEEC website for complete rules on game usage.
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Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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