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ATOM RPG: Trudograd is a post-apocalyptic turn-based RPG set in the Soviet Union, featuring a vast open world, hundreds of characters, and intense combat.

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Trudograd is an autonomous storyline extension for ATOM RPG, a turn-based RPG taking place in the Soviet Union following a nuclear apocalypse. This game has been greatly influenced by classical cRPG titles from the past, including the early Fallout, Wasteland, and Baldur’s Gate series.

Twenty-two years ago, a nuclear inferno brought the USSR and Western Bloc to their knees, reducing society to ruin and forcing technology to devolve to primitive levels. As a member of ATOM, it is your responsibility to safeguard the remnants of humanity that remain.

Two years ago, you, a rookie agent of ATOM, were sent on a perilous mission that led you to discover information about a new peril that could potentially eradicate humanity's fragile remnants.

In ATOM RPG: Trudograd, you must explore a vast, open-world that comprises a massive, post-apocalyptic metropolis that resisted destruction in the face of nuclear annihilation and social disintegration. Your aim is to find humanity's last hope in the fight against an extraterrestrial menace.

Trudograd features:

• Create a new character or continue the game as your ATOM RPG character by uploading your saved file by following a user-friendly menu after defeating ATOM RPG's last boss.

• Roam a vast open world with over 45 populated locations and more than 40 hours of gameplay. These places range from an ice-cold, snow-covered megapolis and its outskirts to secret Soviet military bunkers, a large pirate vessel in an icy sea, and a mysterious island.

• Take part in combats on over thirty locations where you will face multiple foes, ranging from ruthless mercenaries to savage mutants.

• Interact with over 300 different characters, each with unique attributes and branching dialogues.

• Complete 200 challenging quests, with many having multiple results depending on the choices you make.

• Enjoy our fully voiced visual text quests that feature branching plots and specially crafted hand-drawn art.

• Choose your ideal weapon from over 100 distinct models of weaponry with more than 75 weapon modifications available to tweak and personalize your weapon.

• Protect yourself from harm using one of three distinctive Soviet-style exoskeleton armor suits, with over 20 customization options.

And the fun doesn't even end here! We believe you'll have a blast playing ATOM RPG: Trudograd!

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