Triz: Sacred Geometry Puzzles

Triz: Sacred Geometry Puzzles

Uladzimir Bakunovich
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Game overview

TRIZ is a color matching puzzle with infinite reset. Rotate circles to match geometric figures and enjoy the meditative atmosphere with 100 hand-made puzzles.

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Immerse yourself in the world of mesmerizing shapes and colors that will take you away from reality. TRIZ offers a unique game mechanic that lets you experience and solve 100 hand-made puzzles with breathtaking color transitions and stunning abstract forms.

The game's objective is to rotate the circles and change the triangle's shape and color to collect a figure similar to the sample. Pay close attention to both the shape and color of the object. You can use hint-lines that guide you to the vertex that needs to be in position. The green circles indicate that the vertex is already in place, and a small sample of the solved object is available in the game's upper left corner.

TRIZ artfully tests your logical thinking skills while giving you the freedom to disassemble and assemble each puzzle in different ways. You can turn off the hints and try to solve the puzzles again to improve your skills better. The game does not have time limits, in-app purchases, or popup ads.

TRIZ's kaleidoscopic experience lets you mix colors and turn figures like origami, unraveling the logic behind cobwebs. The game's atmospheric style, music, controls, and colors contribute to the meditative atmosphere, enhancing your gameplay experience further. Moreover, TRIZ has an extensive array of achievements for those like you who appreciate challenges.

Share your passion for TRIZ with your loved ones while enjoying the set of stickers that decorate your messages. Headphones are recommended to improve your in-game experience. TRIZ is an excellent way to develop both the left and right hemispheres of your brain.

The game is available on, and you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We value your opinion and welcome feedback on how we can improve your gaming experience. Play TRIZ now and discover your inner peace and logic expert!
Uladzimir Bakunovich
Release date
Oct 14, 2019

Gameplay & Streams

TRIZ - Sacred Geometry Puzzles - gameplay trailerArtFireGames
TRIZ - Sacred Geometry PuzzlesArtFireGames
TRIZ - Sacred Geometry Puzzles (by Uladzimir Bakunovich) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)IOSTouchplayHD
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