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Game overview

Triple Fantasy X Brave Nine: TCG RPG featuring 7 new collaboration characters, cute pixel heroes, endless tactics, and exciting card battles. Recommended by Google.

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Looking for an excellent card game RPG that offers triple fun? Look no further than Triple Fantasy, the game that has been recommended by Google editors! With its unique tactical TCG/CCG game mechanics, Triple Fantasy is unlike any other RPG you have played before.

Triple Fantasy features an ultimate collaboration between the Triple Fantasy X Brave Nine characters - 7 new collaboration characters, the Personaz cards, and more powerful third Collaboration. By logging in for 7 days, you can get one of the legendary Personaz cards that will enhance your experience even further. With Brave Nine, enjoy even more exciting card battles than before!

New users are especially well-rewarded, with welcome gifts waiting for them. As a new user, you get one Legendary card immediately just by logging in. By logging in for seven days, you can get a Brave Nine 6 Devils Legend card, five other legend cards, 150 diamonds, 10 card summon tickets, and login membership! Yes, the ultimate welcome-gifts for the ultimate RPG card game are here!

What makes Triple Fantasy stand out is its unique game design. Pixel heroes and deep tactics offer unexpected entertainment, and cute designs combined with strong stats make for a perfect pixel graphic and strategy RPG collaboration! Unlike other games where gacha, payment, and cash products reign supreme, Triple Fantasy only relies on strategic, turn-based battles to get ahead. Unique tactical TCG, CCG collaborations among other card games keep the game interesting. Triple your damage with unique card combinations, and tactics and strategy are more important than card tiers.

With over 300 pixel art heroes, Triple Fantasy offers one of the best card-collecting RPG games. Meet legendary characters such as Sun Wukong, Thor, and Odin, and collect cards in various tiers to become stronger.

Triple Fantasy offers simple gameplay with decks that you can play with only one hand. With vertical turn-based RPG, you can enjoy this card game anytime, anywhere! Plus, if you exit during the game, you can always resume the game - kinder than any other card game.

Triple Fantasy offers various contents that will never go boring. Explore the world with your one and only deck through Outpost and attack monsters with different elements for rewards in Goblin Mine! Enjoy some thrilling turn-based PVP in Arena, and collect unique dot heroes hidden somewhere in the map in Monster Dungeon! Defeat various monsters with powerful card combinations in Lab and enjoy strategies in PVP fights too. With fun triples in Card battle games enjoyed together, Triple Fantasy never gets dull.

Triple Fantasy is perfect for all those who love RPG games. With its exciting strategy games built around cute dot heroes and unique Fire/Water/Earth elements and various classes/jobs, Triple Fantasy has something for everyone. Join our community on the official Facebook page and download the game now! Internet connection is necessary to play and in-app purchase options are available. Contact our customer care center in-game if you face any issues with the game. Check our Privacy Policy for more information.
Release date
Jan 31, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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