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Triple Agent!

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Triple Agent! - party game of hidden identities, backstabbing, bluffing, and deduction for 5+ players on one phone. Deceive, be cunning, and vote strategically.

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Triple Agent is the ultimate party game that will have you and your friends on the edge of your seats. It's a game of hidden identities, deception, and espionage, where you can never truly trust anyone. With an endorsement by TotalBiscuit and Douglas Wilson, this game has become the talk of the town.

This mobile game requires only one iOS device and at least 5 players to play. Each round lasts for 10 intense minutes filled with bluffing and deduction. With 12 operations mixed and matched, each round will be a unique experience. The base game supports 5-7 players. However, you can buy an expansion that will bring more operations, customization options, and play with up to 9 people.

Players are secretly assigned a role as either a Service agent or VIRUS double agent. Only the VIRUS agents know who is on their team. They have to turn the Service agents against each other to win the game. Every player gets events that will reveal information about other players, change their team, or give a new win condition. The VIRUS double agent can use this opportunity to sow doubt about other players. Meanwhile, the Service agent has to be careful not to reveal too much information that VIRUS can use against them.

The game builds on the ever-popular board game genre of social deduction but adds unique features that you've never seen before. There's no setup required, no rule-reading needed. The device itself will guide you through the game. The game is short and sweet, and you can play a quick game or several rounds.

Triple Agent is available in 15 languages, ensuring that players from all around the world can enjoy this epic game. Buy this game now, and get ready for the ultimate party game that will have everyone on their toes and yelling at each other all night long.
Tasty Rook
Release date
Jul 19, 2017

Gameplay & Streams

Triple Agent Gameplay TrailerTasty Rook
WE'RE SECRET AGENTS- Triple agentJo and Co Gaming
Triple Agent! - Release TrailerTasty Rook
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