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Treasure Defense

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Defend Atlantis with 27 types of towers and ancient gods, in this strategic tower defense game with 90 levels and unique challenges.

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Immerse yourself into a breathtaking world of Treasure Defense, a brand new twist on strategic tower defense games that promises endless fun! Will you take up the challenge to save Atlantis from sinking into the sea? Take an epic journey and join millions of players who have already started their quest in an Ancient Lost City of Atlantis.

Construct your defenses, erect towers of different types and call upon the power of Ancient Gods like Hades, Poseidon, and Vulcan to defend your city from the clans of invaders. Rejoice in the novelty gameplay as Treasure Defense brings a completely new perspective to strategic Tower Defense games.

What Treasure Defense offers is a lot of exciting features that make it a great gaming experience:
- Enjoy 90 amazing levels of gameplay with lots of fun and twists.
- Build a great city that will withstand even the most ferocious attacks with over 27 types of defense towers.
- Call upon Ancient Gods and unleash their powers to prevent clans of invaders from stealing your kingdom’s magic gems.
- Develop your own tactics as you repel more than 30 types of different enemies.

Are you ready to prove your strategic skills and defend Atlantis from collapsing into the bottomless abyss of sea? Stand tall and firm, practice your marksmanship, seek for favor from gods, and clash against malign invaders who want to steal your kingdom’s enigmatic magic gems!

Playing Treasure Defense offers a unique gameplay with an array of features:

1) 2-Way Defense
Treasure Defense adds a new challenge to defense games as your enemies are not only interested in occupying your land or killing your soldiers, but they also are striving to take your precious gems. Your enemies make an attempt to raid your towns with a clear objective to get your gem crystals desperately. You need to defend your walls and try to stop your opponents from taking these valuable treasures.

2) Enemy Structures
You don't want to destroy strategically located enemy structures, but neither can you ignore them. If you don't take them down, your enemies will keep taking advantage of their location and destroy your defenses. Knowing which structures to take down and which to leave is a formidable decision that you’ll need to make.

3) Clash in the Dark!
The game offers an exciting challenge where you have to repel attacks at night. You cannot build anything in areas shrouded in darkness, yet you still need to fend off the enemy. It’s a unique challenge for advanced players that require you to be creative in your defense strategy.

4) Ancient Epic Gods
With Treasure Defense, you get to employ the help of ancient gods like Poseidon, Hades, and Vulcan as you fight against swarms of enemies. You can increase the abilities of the gods as you progress forward.

Will Atlantis become the greatest civilization in history, or will it perish into the depths of the ocean? Only you can decide! Build your pathway to glory with Treasure Defense – a real test of strategic planning!
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