Train Drive Ats 2

Train Drive Ats 2

Takahiro Ito
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Game overview

TrainDriveATS sequel boasts realistic sounds, quadruple tracks, expanded routes/scenery, 50 trains per 2min, existing Japanese trains, and accurate signaling/crossing gates.

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TrainDriveATS 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to the highly popular train simulator game with more than 4 million downloads. Enjoy a completely new series with vastly improved volume and quality, three extra Japanese train cars, extended routes and railroad sceneries, and quadruple tracks.

The game is available on iOS7 and later versions, with new additional content that includes a 39 km stretch of railroad, two branch lines, and more realistic motor sounds, train movements, and performances. During rush hour, 50 train sets will be running every two minutes, with complicated signal changes making it even more challenging.

The game replicates the actual signaling system with partly original features, ensuring an immersive and authentic experience. It maintains the existing elements as well, such as replicating the actual operations of switch rails, signals, and crossing gates. The passing loop on a single line, train overtaking, and stop signals before arriving at terminals are reproduced flawlessly. The game also uses transition curves on railroads to offer very gradual curves, giving you a better understanding of how signals and safety equipment work.

As a player, you get a general idea of how signals and safety equipment work during rush hour, and how it takes extra time to complete each level. The new route design is based on Japanese railroad laws and regulations, ensuring a more seamless and realistic gaming experience.

In this game, players drive their assigned train car and once cleared, players can start a new scenario. The free version allows players to choose a train car from over 500 options after clearing all the scenarios. Similarly, there is a training mode that enables players to practice stopping trains at stations on uphill, downhill, and flat-ground scenarios.

Experience the thrill of being in charge of a train in the new TrainDriveATS 2, boasting an array of new features and exciting challenges that make this game even more exciting than its predecessor.
Takahiro Ito
Release date
Nov 06, 2014

Gameplay & Streams

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