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In TRAHA, experience the ultimate MMORPG adventure with high-quality graphics, open-field gameplay, and flexible character customization.

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Welcome to the world of MMO. The highly anticipated mobile MMORPG, "TRAHA," has arrived. Immerse yourself in a stunning 360-degree open world that even incorporates sound effects to add to its realism. With unique technology, you can clearly see nearby scenery while distant views are blurred. TRAHA has set its sights high by presenting the player with visuals that create a sense of depth. You will hear footsteps as they differ in sound while running through the forest or snow. The graphics are so realistic that they surpass anything on smartphones, enabling you to explore a vast and visually stunning open world.

With TRAHA's "Infinity Class" system, you are free to switch between classes at any time. You can switch your weapons and combine various skills to create your own unique character. One day you can play as a healer, and the next day become an attack-focused mage. The game gives you complete control to create your own combat style to suit different fight environments. You can fight your enemies alongside other like-minded players.

TRAHA raises the bar with its high degree of control freedom that goes beyond the standard mobile MMORPG. You can evade attacks during regular combat and exercise your own techniques to conquer diverse monster gimmicks.

In TRAHA, you can obtain weapons without the need to depend on gacha. True to real MMORPGs, you can earn weapons based on your own capabilities. Use your acquired weapons and the versatile action skills available to you to defeat formidable enemies.

Customize your character to your preference using the game's high-quality graphics and customization features. You can adjust even the slightest details regarding your character, ensuring that you create the character you wish to play. Set out on your adventure with your finely-tuned, unique character.

TRAHA has a vast selection of sub-content, such as pet raising, crafting, fishing, and more. You can enjoy these sub-options by yourself, but during gameplay, all actions contribute to enhancing your parameters, granting you power that directly correlates to your strength. In TRAHA, many of the elements and gameplay rewards occur outside of battle, and you can obtain and increase your strength through non-combat means.

You may access the TRAHA official website at, and the official Twitter account at Note that when using the app, some services may require access permissions for camera, microphone, and security purposes. However, even without providing optional access rights, the service is still available to you. You may revoke access rights through your device's settings or operating system upgrade or by deleting the app. Please note that some settings may not require permission, ensure you check the permission and revoke access rights not required.
NEXON Company
Release date
Apr 10, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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