Toziuha Night: Order of the Alchemists

Toziuha Night: Order of the Alchemists

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Game overview

Play as alchemist Xandria and journey through gloomy Transylvania to Dracula's castle, fighting demons with your iron whip in side-scrolling platformer Toziuha Night.

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In this game, the protagonist, Xandria, chooses to venture into Dracula's castle for her own selfish reasons instead of being a heroic protector. The game is set in Transylvania and revolves around a legend of an alchemist named Vlad Tepes (Dracula) who was executed for making a pact with a Toziuha, granting him demonic powers. As the story progresses, the player discovers that several alchemists from The Order have been found impaled outside Dracula's castle, leading to the possibility of Vlad Tepes being resurrected to seek revenge.

Toziuha Night offers a side-scrolling action platformer experience, where each stage is set in a dark fantasy world, including a gloomy forest and Dracula's castle. As Xandria, the player utilizes an iron whip to combat fearsome demons. The iron whip serves as a constant reminder of the tragic past that Xandria carries with her.

The game exhibits original symphonic music and retro pixel art style, paying homage to 32-bit consoles. Players can test their skills against the final bosses and various enemies found throughout the game. Characters in the game are portrayed in the anime and gothic style, further emphasizing the game's dark atmosphere.

Join Xandria on her daring adventure through Dracula's castle and discover the secrets behind the legend of Vlad Tepes. Will you be able to overcome the overwhelming demonic forces?
TuanisApps SRL
Release date
Mar 01, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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