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Build and manage a medieval city, protect villagers from bandits in this economy sim, featuring deep production chains and many different buildings.

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Transform a once modest settlement into a flourishing medieval metropolis while playing ‘Townsmen’ – the stimulating city-building game of your dreams. Progress through the game by enhancing your village, managing a thriving economy and keeping your citizens happy. Earn income from taxes while also harvesting crops and mining ore in order to build impressive structures such as taverns, marketplaces and jousting fields. Additionally, design gorgeous gardens, magnificent monuments and statues to further beautify your city. Be aware, however, that there are lurking dangers in the vicinity in the form of menacing bandits waiting to ravage and loot your defenses. To counter their threat, construct barracks, guard towers and recruit skilled warriors to safeguard your land and citizens. As ruler of the empire, ensure that your people remain content and entertained by monitoring the fun factor of your citizens. Enjoy features such as complex economic simulations, soldiers, bandits, meaningful seasons, weather effects, disasters like fire, drought and disease, diverse scenarios, challenging tasks and sandbox gameplay mode. Moreover, don’t worry if you run out of battery – ‘Townsmen’ is fully supported on tablets. Finally, it is important to remember that items are available for purchase via in-app transactions. ‘Townsmen’ is free to play, but if you prefer to avoid in-app purchases, you can deactivate them in your device settings. Join the ‘Townsmen’ community today and thank you for playing!
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Aug 03, 2012
Single player



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Gameplay & Streams

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