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Game overview

Join up to 14 online players to identify and eliminate opposition. With new roles and heightened control, the Town of Salem is at your mercy - or the Coven's.

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The City of Witchcraft has been thrown into disarray as the Coven has seized power. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Connect with up to 14 other players on the internet and use your intelligence and skills to emerge victorious. Your aim as a town member is to lead your teammates to triumph by recognizing and eliminating your enemies. Take advantage of your role's distinct abilities to proclaim your innocence, track down killers, or even take out suspicious persons. The possibilities for victory are endless.

Meanwhile, the Coven, Neutral, and Apocalypse groups operate behind the scenes, using their own abilities to counteract the town's efforts. Each role has its unique strategy for winning, whether it involves burning bodies, obstructing town members' abilities, or going on a murderous spree.

New Roles

There are countless ways to win with a wide range of new roles. Each role has its own set of skills. Skills like taking control of your own destiny and killing during the day, bestowing knighthood upon another player and providing them with additional votes, and using blood rituals to destroy your enemies if you know their role.

New Apocalypse Group
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived, each with their unique approach to victory.

With so many roles to choose from, each game is distinct and thrilling.

More Control Than Ever Before!
Scrolls can improve your chances of obtaining your favorite role, while Cursed Scrolls can decrease the likelihood of receiving roles you hate.

You can ban certain roles or include your favorite game variations, such as VIP or Town Traitor, to create the perfect list of roles for your game.

Private custom lobbies enable you to invite your friends with a simple six-letter code or browse custom lobbies to join other games.

Additionally, with free movement in lobbies, during the night, and as a ghost, you have more flexibility to explore the game world.

Communication is simpler than ever before with the ability to mention other players, roles, and keywords in the chat.

Customization is a crucial component of Town of Salem 2. You have more control than ever before, from customizing your character and pet to your house's decor.

With so many new features and roles to uncover, Town of Salem 2 is an exciting and unique gaming experience that you should not miss.

Will you help the town fight against the coven or... will you join them?
Release date
Mar 26, 2024

Gameplay & Streams

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