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Game overview

Enter the mad Wizard's tower, defeat enemies and navigate traps to progress in this challenging metroidvania platformer game, Tower of The Wizard.

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Embark on a perilous solo mission to put an end to the evil wizard's diabolical reign. The wizard has dispatched his minions to wreak havoc on the nearby towns and villages while the army is away fighting battles in far-off lands. In "Tower of The Wizard: Gameboy Adventure," you play the role of the brave adventurer determined to vanquish the mad wizard and restore peace to the land.

Traversing the wizard's labyrinthine tower will not be an easy feat, as it is riddled with obstacles and dangers. You must rely on your wits and the trusty map you discover early on to gather various equipment that will help you overcome the tower's hurdles. The equipment includes a spear that doubles as a weapon and a tool to bounce on foes' heads, a pair of gloves that enable you to slide down and cling to walls, and a light cloak that lets you glide when falling.

The game is a metroidvania platformer at its core, and as such, it boasts a vast, interconnected castle to explore using your skills and map. "Tower of The Wizard: Gameboy Adventure" channels retro gaming nostalgia and pays tribute to classic platformers, providing plenty of challenges that require patience, strategy, and dexterity. When you finally succeed in pulling off a series of actions to surmount an especially tricky segment, you'll feel like a true hero.

Other notable features of "Tower of The Wizard: Gameboy Adventure" include a large tower that comprises 36 rooms, character upgrades, five enemy types besides the final boss, four trap types, basic combat, and an epic showdown with the wizard. The game's graphics are a throwback to the Game Boy's 4-color palette and pixel height of 144px, while the chiptune soundtrack completes the retro feel.

In the future, "Tower of The Wizard: Gameboy Adventure" will add additional features such as a game timer for speed-run enthusiasts, leaderboards, and achievements. The game's difficulty was dialed down to account for occasional unresponsiveness in mobile controls, but it still provides a satisfying challenge. Give it a try and let us know what you think could improve!
Release date
Oct 15, 2016
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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