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Tower Duel: Trade your sports gear for cards. Build defenses, destroy your opponent's power core, and climb the global leaderboard.

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Get ready to step into the world of Tower Duel, the game that has taken the world by storm. In this futuristic setting of 2050, you'll find yourself walking down the champion hallways with the roaring crowd cheering your name. Maxx King, the inventor of this game, is now a world-famous celebrity and has put his face on everything from cereal boxes to stadiums.

In this strategic game, you'll select your 4 runner and 4 tower cards for the ultimate match. Your objective is to destroy your opponent's power core with your runners while defending your own power core with your towers. One of the top players, whom you've studied closely, frequently uses the "Surfer" card to destroy his opponent's power cores. But you're armed with a card that can grip this surfer called the Quad Striker. The Octa Striker Rune equipped with it can shoot eight projectiles instead of four, surprising your opponent.

Your other two runner cards are the Marine and the Mech. Spamming Marines will generate you energy income while sending runners will increase it immensely. You plan to spam with your Marines early on in the game and save them for later when they take on the opponent's stadium with an army of three Mech.

As you stand on the podium inside the stadium, you see thousands of fans and flashing lights. Maxx King's Hologram Face appears, and the match begins. You're quick to place a few Quad Striker towers and form a maze to slow down those Surfers. But your opponent throws a surprise when he hits your playfield with Jetpack Marauders, which fly over your towers and reach your power core without much effort.

Tower Duel is a multiplayer tower defense game, where you can compete with real players worldwide. You can collect and customize your tower and runner cards, watch replays of pro players and improve your game with the help of practice and sandbox mode. The season pass allows you to collect valuable rewards while you play the game. Join our Discord community to contribute to the game and provide feedback that can help us grow the game.

In this exciting game, you're always on your toes and require strategic planning to defeat your opponent. So, what's your counter against the Jetpack Marauders? Play now to find out!
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Jan 31, 2018

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