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Game overview

Venture through 13 towers to defeat their masters and restore peace to the world. Collect equipment, upgrade stats, and obtain powerful swords.

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One day, thirteen towers suddenly manifested into the world, and it's up to the swordsman protagonist to scale them and bring peace to the world. As you venture through the tower, the swordsman grows stronger, acquiring a multitude of equipment and potions in the process. To achieve your goal, you must overcome all the guardians and owners of each tower, each one more powerful than the last.

In these towers, you can uncover a wide range of equipment, varying from ordinary to legendary grade, which can be obtained by defeating the gatekeeper monsters that block each floor's entryway, and the tower owners. The higher-grade equipment has a cumulative drop rate, meaning that with continuous effort, you are guaranteed to acquire them. Unique options are added to items of rare grade or higher, including bolstered stamina, increased movement speed, and reduced magic cooldowns.

Every sword contains arcane magic. From the gatekeeper and tower master monsters, you can obtain exceedingly rare swords that possess potent, unique magic. Equip your character with equipment possessing a variety of stats, and fine-tune their equipment to your preferences.

As you lead your character through the tower, increase their passive magic with the points you've collected. Progressing through the game will allow you to acquire more potent equipment, which will aid you in conquering the more formidable towers.

This is not an idle game but a single-player game with an end. With no internet connection required, you can play at your own leisure. While not all the content has been completed, it will be an enjoyable game for players looking for a fun gaming experience.

Several updates will be added, focusing on special dungeons for farming unique items and server storage for easy data transfer between devices. Enjoy the game, and thank you for playing.
Release date
Dec 15, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Tower And Swords Gameplay Android (Offline)Android, iOS, PC Gameplay - PROAPK
Ser Arthur Dayne, Sword of the Morning, vs young Ned Stark and Howland ReedAxhol3Rose
Tower And Swords (by Jisu Im) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)IOSTouchplayHD
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