Touhou Suijin Kairou: Faith in the Goddess of Suwa.

Touhou Suijin Kairou: Faith in the Goddess of Suwa.

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Game overview

Explore the mysterious labyrinth of Gensokyo, battle spirits and build relationships with fantasy girls in this free, fan-made game.

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Currently in its testing phase, the game has an incomplete story and lacks achievements and leaderboards.
Although reviews are not yet possible, the developers welcome feedback, opinions, and bug reports from players which can be directed to T.D.'s Twitter account (

One rainy day, the land of Gensokyo was covered by a green corridor of illusion.
It was a labyrinth of fantasy born from the overgrowth of trees, flowers, and overlapping terrain.

In order to restore paradise, young girls took on the challenge of travelling through the corridor.
And taking this as an opportunity, there were also youkai who attacked people within the corridor.

A certain god called back a hero who once saved Gensokyo during his journey of training.
And as the rain ceased, you returned to the world of fantasy.

◆Game Description◆
All East Asian characters from games prior to Rainbow Dragon Cave will be almost entirely available to play.
Male characters like Rinnojou who were not available to become allies in Gensoukyou are also included as well as the main character, who can be integrated into your party as one of the characters.
There are different ways to encounter characters such as becoming allies in the story or fighting together in the corridor.

■Sublime Flowers
Some fantasy girls can become "sublime flowers" with specific conditions met.
When in this form, their stats are significantly improved and they get additional moves. Not to mention, they will also increase in size, becoming explosively large or bustier.

During the story, players will be forced to make choices in multiple situations, which will affect the development of the characters and the preferences of your allies.
And depending on your choices, the outcome of the abnormal occurrences will change.
Will you choose the world of fantasy or one woman?

Furthermore, there are links to the story of previous games such as "Touhou Magic Square Junk" and "Touhou Gensoukyou".

You can explore the map by controlling the main character.
The shape of the map constantly changes like a mysterious dungeon.
On the map, there are items such as materials and money as well as magic seals to progress to the next level or boss battles.
Not only can you meander through the map, but when you make contact with fairies, battles will begin, and when you encounter fantasy girls, events such as item trading and combat will also begin.

Form a group of five members to fight against the enemies.
Combat is performed with commands to attack opponents or aid allies using "moves".
If all opponents are defeated, you win, and if all allies are down, it is game over.
You can acquire experience points and items if you win, and there is no penalty for losing.

These are capabilities used during battle.
There are moves to attack opponents, heal allies, alter stats, and revive severely injured allies.
Each character carries different moves, and under certain conditions, moves from other characters can also be used.

Favorability rises when you win combat or give gifts to the characters. Higher favorability leads to increases in stats and the ability to engrave powerful marks.
There is no decrease in favorability.
Also, some fantasy girls may see changes in their favorability through...?

■Gifts and Energy
You can give gifts to fantasy girls.
Gifts will increase energy and favorability ratings for the girls.
Spending energy will lead to raises in levels and favor ability ratings.

Score attacks on some abnormalities are possible.
Try making enemies as strong as possible
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