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Play Danmaku and embark on a journey to restore the collapsing land of Gensokyo; featuring rhythm action, cute characters, and original music.

Dankagu" is recommended for those who: - Are looking for a music game based on "Touhou". - Find mobile music games too difficult or too easy. - Like to gaze at cute miniature gardens. - Love reading "stories". - Enjoy "beautiful" "bullet hell" games. - Want to see illustrations from popular "Touhou" artists. The story of "Gensokyo," a place where "youkai," demons, and spirits gather, began with its collapse...Embark on a journey to unveil the truth of the incident that caused the collapse of Gensokyo! "Could you please help me to revive this devastated Gensokyo? With your own hands!" โ–  Slam the notes and confront the boss!! Rhythm action part - Collection of popular "Touhou" arrangement songs!! โˆŸ Bad Apple!! feat. nomico (Alstroemeria Records) โˆŸ Cirno's Perfect Math Class (IOSYS) โˆŸ Morning Star Rocket (Kishida Kyodan & THE Akeboshi Rockets) โˆŸ Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze (You Himei Satellite) and many more! - Simple operation with three types of notes. - Easy play with auto and skip functions even for those who are not good at rhythm games! - Bullet hell production with respect to the original work of "Touhou Project." - Original songs from "Touhou Project" are also included!! โ–  Gathering famous "Touhou" illustrators!! - Negi Haruba - Yuu Enoki - Asagi Tosaka - Mahiro Miyase and many more took part! โ–  Take a look at the casual life of lively girls! Miniature garden part - You can advance the story just by playing with the miniature garden! - Characters talk to each other! Enjoy slightly different conversations every time! - Reproduction of famous spots in Gensokyo! That place might appear. - Obtain recovery materials during your outings! โ–  Unfolding throughout Gensokyo! Full-voice story by luxurious voice actors! - "Heroines" who color your Gensokyo. The heroines appear one after another in the story and rhythm games! - As you restore famous spots in Gensokyo such as Hakuri Shrine, various residents gather! - When the relationship between the characters deepens, episodes are unlocked! โ–  Theme song "A flower bloomed in Fantasy" Vocal: Ichigo/Kayoko Kusano Lyrics: Kishida (Kishida Kyodan & THE Akeboshi Rockets) Arrangement: Kayoko Kusano (Representative works include "Gurenge") Original: "Fantasy Land where the Gods of Love Spun~ Mountain of Faith." (From "Touhou Wind God's Chronicle") Powered by Live2D.
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Single player


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