Touhou Danmaku Kagura

Touhou Danmaku Kagura

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Game overview

Play Danmaku and embark on a journey to restore the collapsing land of Gensokyo; featuring rhythm action, cute characters, and original music.

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Dankagu" is recommended for those who:
- Are looking for a music game based on "Touhou".
- Find mobile music games too difficult or too easy.
- Like to gaze at cute miniature gardens.
- Love reading "stories".
- Enjoy "beautiful" "bullet hell" games.
- Want to see illustrations from popular "Touhou" artists.

The story of "Gensokyo," a place where "youkai," demons, and spirits gather, began with its collapse...Embark on a journey to unveil the truth of the incident that caused the collapse of Gensokyo! "Could you please help me to revive this devastated Gensokyo? With your own hands!"

■ Slam the notes and confront the boss!! Rhythm action part
- Collection of popular "Touhou" arrangement songs!!
∟ Bad Apple!! feat. nomico (Alstroemeria Records)
∟ Cirno's Perfect Math Class (IOSYS)
∟ Morning Star Rocket (Kishida Kyodan & THE Akeboshi Rockets)
∟ Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze (You Himei Satellite)
and many more!
- Simple operation with three types of notes.
- Easy play with auto and skip functions even for those who are not good at rhythm games!
- Bullet hell production with respect to the original work of "Touhou Project."
- Original songs from "Touhou Project" are also included!!

■ Gathering famous "Touhou" illustrators!!
- Negi Haruba
- Yuu Enoki
- Asagi Tosaka
- Mahiro Miyase
and many more took part!

■ Take a look at the casual life of lively girls! Miniature garden part
- You can advance the story just by playing with the miniature garden!
- Characters talk to each other! Enjoy slightly different conversations every time!
- Reproduction of famous spots in Gensokyo! That place might appear.
- Obtain recovery materials during your outings!

■ Unfolding throughout Gensokyo! Full-voice story by luxurious voice actors!
- "Heroines" who color your Gensokyo. The heroines appear one after another in the story and rhythm games!
- As you restore famous spots in Gensokyo such as Hakuri Shrine, various residents gather!
- When the relationship between the characters deepens, episodes are unlocked!

■ Theme song "A flower bloomed in Fantasy"
Vocal: Ichigo/Kayoko Kusano
Lyrics: Kishida (Kishida Kyodan & THE Akeboshi Rockets)
Arrangement: Kayoko Kusano (Representative works include "Gurenge")
Original: "Fantasy Land where the Gods of Love Spun~ Mountain of Faith." (From "Touhou Wind God's Chronicle")
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