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Top War: Battle Game

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Merge and upgrade your army to liberate the land from the tyrannical Dark Legion in Top War's collaboration with Pacific Rim. Join the fight now!

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Get ready for a thrilling game-play experience with the much-awaited combination of Top War and Pacific Rim. Witness the ultimate battle between the humans and the Kaiju, where Jaegers come to their aid. Join the action-packed game, recruit new heroes, and acquire the exclusive base skin "Shatterdome!" With various distinct rewards waiting for you, it's time to take command and show your bravery and intellect.

Attention Commander! The Dark Legion is marching towards us! The tyrants dominate the world, with continuous conflicts and distressing situations. But who will put an end to their reign of terror? Become the most powerful Commander and an intrepid leader, along with the Freedom League in the fight against the Legion. Upgrade your buildings, units, and skills by merging them, and watch your power grow.

Top War is an innovative strategy game featuring merge-to-upgrade gameplay, eliminating long upgrade waiting times. Recruit Legendary Heroes to lead the troops stationed on land, sea, and air to victory! Equip your heroes and troops with unique skills and gear to lead all three armies and make them immortal. Start on a deserted island, establish a base to train your armies, and improve your power to liberate the land. Create a stylish yet robust island with limitless buildings and decorations at your disposal. Flaunt your custom style now!

Join players worldwide and battle online in various game modes like Server v Server wars, Dark Forces, War Robots, and weekly Capital Throne Showdowns. Align with your alliance and fight for glory and freedom.

Please note that Top War: Battle Game is a free-to-play game with an option for in-game purchases, and a stable network connection is vital to play the game perfectly.

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Topwar Studio
Release date
Jan 17, 2020



Новая игра, по телику рекламу видел, залип на 5 минут.

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Прикольная игра, советую как минимум попробовать:)

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