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Scare and prank a family with Toca Boo! Hide, rattle things, turn on the disco and make them nervous. No rules or stress, just fun!

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Meet Bonnie, a little phantom girl who is part of a family of spooks. Are you ready to spook along with them? Follow Bonnie and she will guide you on how to get them back! Float around the house, jump from table to table, hide under curtains or within duvets, and look for all the six family members lurking around. Be careful not to get caught in the light – it will reveal your position. Rattle things, turn on the kettle, roam around the rooms, and listen to their heartbeat. If they are nervous, it means it’s time to BOO!

Not only can you scare them, but you can also have some laughs. Turn on the exciting disco-themed music, dance, move, munch on some hot peppers in the kitchen for an extra spicy scare; you can even hide in the toilet!

The intriguing and beautiful design makes Toca Boo an alluring game to explore its mysteries. Fall in love with the six different characters of the family, and unveil all the details of the vast and mysterious house.

Toca Boo offers enormous features that guarantee hours of nonstop adventure for everyone. With a massive house of two floors and six rooms, hidden surprises and scary objects you can eat, you will always come across new things around the house. Interact with everything you see, admire and appreciate the beautiful and original artwork, and play as much as you want with no rules or stress. The game is designed specifically for kids as young as four but still exciting for those much older without any intrusive third-party advertising or in-app purchases to worry about.

Toca Boca creates apps based on a child's perspective and places an emphasis on imagination and play to nurture creativity and growth. So, let your kids enjoy being playful, curious, and themselves with more than 130 million downloads in over 215 countries. Learn more about Toca Boo and our other products at

Toca Boo guarantees thrilling hours of fun and laughs, so there's no limit, just fun! Play now and let your inner spook come alive! And lastly, privacy is highly regarded; we take it very seriously. If you would like to learn more about our privacy policy, please visit
Toca Boca
Release date
Dec 10, 2014

Gameplay & Streams

Toca Boo - iOS / Android - Full GameplayRRKids
Toca Boo!!! - I SCARE a WHOLE FAMILY!!! - Let's Play Toca Boo!!!Cherry Pop Productions
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