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Tizi Town: Hospital

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Be a doctor and save lives at Tizi Town Hospital! Role-play as a patient, pharmacist, dentist, osteopathic, radiologist, or general surgeon on 5 floors with 25+ characters.

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The medical professionals dressed in white capes that save lives are known as superheroes. If you've ever dreamed of being one of them, Tizi Town Hospital is where you can experience the role and be a physician, patient, or pharmacist. The game takes you on a journey through hospital life and is full of excitement. From the ambulance unit to the CT scan room, every floor offers something for you to explore. With various careers paths to choose from, including dentists, osteopathic practitioners, radiologists, and general surgeons, you can customize your hospital experience. This game lets you be in charge and take on real-life challenges that doctors face every day. Plan your daily tasks, conduct routine checkups, and cure different illnesses using CT scan machines. You can create your own stories and help your children learn empathy for others. More than 25 characters of different ages and species are available to represent patients and doctors, giving you a broad range of innovative ways to play. The game includes several mini-games with various variations, making it suitable for all ages groups. The high-quality graphics and exciting surprises in each room make the game even more appealing. Diagnose, treat, and cure your patients and live your dream of being a medical professional. Download Tizi Town Hospital Doctor Games now!
Release date
Nov 27, 2020

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