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Game overview

Collect character cards for adventurous Dungeon Crawling gameplay! Create unique decks and compete in Singleplay, Multiplay and the Tower of Competition.

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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Titan Slayer, a unique deckbuilding card game that combines the elements of Dungeoncrawl and role-playing games, allowing players to collect character cards and embark on thrilling adventures while competing with strategic deck combinations.

With Deck Building as a key feature, players can add skill cards from different characters to create a one-of-a-kind deck. Each choice made can either result in achieving the best synergy or ruining the combination altogether. Characters from various occupations such as pirates, witches, knights, rogues, slayers, and crawlers are available to collectors. To heighten the enjoyment of the game, new characters with new and exciting skill cards are continuously added, offering more options for players to choose from.

In the Singleplayer Adventure and Dungeon Crawl mode, players aim to conquer Valhalla by creating a unique and inventive deck. To reach the ultimate goal, players must defeat seven Titans who will attempt to stop their journey. Allies can be recruited to strengthen the deck and come up with a strategic plan. With the ability to select from different characters of various occupations, players become the main protagonist, advancing the story as they progress.

In the Multiplayer Survival, Card Battle mode, players meet with other adventurers in the temple of judgment, battling each other's decks instead of Titans. Each adventure can be challenging, as players need to figure out various Titan's characteristics. With quick thinking and the ability to counter, players can prolong their survival, which is key to victory.

Lastly, in the Tower of Competition mode, players can experiment with different decks using characters that they don't possess. The mode requires players to climb the tower and choose a character that gets given at random. To achieve success in this mode, players need to rely on a stroke of luck to make a wise choice that results in a synergized deck.

Titan Slayer boasts various genres, including Dungeon Crawl, Deck Building, Card RPG and Trading Card Games, and Roguelike, making it a unique and exciting game perfect for gamers looking for a mix of action, strategy, and adventure.
Dreamplay Games Inc.
Release date
Jul 07, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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