Titan Attack: Wall Defense FPS

Titan Attack: Wall Defense FPS

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Game overview

Fight titans and unlock levels across three unique landscapes with a variety of weapons and power-ups in this FPS wall defense challenge.

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Titan Attack is an exciting 3D first-person shooter game that challenges players with pixel graphics in a world full of obstacles and enemies. Get ready to face the diabolical titans and become the ultimate warrior in this epic adventure.

The warriors were raised by monsters, with an entire generation growing up under their influence. However, they were wiped out by outsiders who destroyed the doorways. The warriors were not helpless, though, and they honed their skills over centuries. They waited for the day when their otherworldly cell would weaken enough to free them. His heart racing and temples throbbing, the player must search for signs of movement in the dark. There is no light to save them this time, only the monsters they must fight to survive. These Titans are on a warpath that mere mortals could never hope to win. It is up to them to cooperate with the darkness and triumph over the metamorphic heights of these otherworldly giants.

Test your target shooting skills and explore vast landscapes, collecting daily power-ups and prizes such as endless sprint and double damage that can be utilized until you finally fall. If you're looking for something more long-lasting, earn permanent weapons or body armor by running a successful course in the first level against the clock and a given number of enemies. Customize your controls in the settings screen and play to the level of difficulty that suits your skill level. Conquer all six levels in the mission select screen and achieve total victory.

Game Levels:
-Castle Garden
-Rustic Town

Game Enemies:
-Titans and humans

Game Features:
-Run, Leap, Crouch, Aim
-Melee and Firearm Weapon Variety
-Hidden Perks for HP and Ammo
-Overview Map of Oncoming Enemies
-Daily Refresh of Power-Ups
-Three Unique Landscapes
-Pause & Play Option
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