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Tiny Space Program

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Game overview

Manage your own space program, research and build rockets, mine planets, and simulate colonization in Tiny Space Program. Free, with regular updates and infinite possibilities.

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Looking for a space exploration game that is constantly updated with new content? Look no further than Tiny Space Program! This early-access game is updated almost every week, adding more depth to a game that already offers a wealth of content. Best of all, everything in the game is free! Whether you're a fan of the genre or just looking to provide feedback and help improve the game, Tiny Space Program is worth checking out.

In this game, players get to experience what it would be like to own their own space program, complete with research, building of new space ships, mining on planets and moons, and even sending tourists into space for a walk. You'll manage and simulate the early colonization of our near future interplanetary society and learn about the challenges that come with such an endeavor.

Take on the role of a space program manager and make the decisions on what rockets to launch. You can even opt to bring tourists to Mars and the Moon, or start a mining operation on IO, Titan, Europa, or Pluto. The game's options are varied and exciting.

As your space program expands, you'll research new technologies, mine resources from different stellar bodies, and progress the characters of your astronauts. Spacesuits are available for outfitting and your game is based on real orbital mechanics and ship propulsion. You'll also establish off-world economies and build off-world colonies and outposts.

While Tiny Space Program is already packed with a wide range of features, there are even more to come. Future updates will add more rockets and space ships, space stations, drones, idle rovers, orbital factories, and capital ships. You'll be able to facilitate space colonies and trade with them. You'll even be able to explore stellar bodies beyond Pluto, travel interstellar space, set up idle trade routes, and automate idle productions.

In conclusion, Tiny Space Program has everything a space exploration fan could want. Try it out and see for yourself, who knows, you may own the next space program.
Cinnabar Games
Release date
Feb 08, 2020


someonefrom Skich app
not bad, but it's also not good. There is better space simulation games...

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