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Craft, trade, and manage your own fantasy shop, complete quests, and explore a charming archipelago in the RPG simulation game Tiny Shop.

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Step into a magical fantasy world as a new member of a trading guild in Tiny Shop, a delightful RPG simulation game. In this game, players are expected to design, personalize, and manage their very own store to attract and sell epic fantasy products from around the world. With each sale, the satisfaction of the customers would increase, and this would lead to upgrades and more success for the store. Do research, craft, and trade fantasy goods, as well as negotiate with customers to ensure their satisfaction, in this adventure-packed game.

One of the most significant features of Tiny Shop is that the shop can be tailored and customized to suit individual preferences by exploring dozens of options. Build a beautiful and outstanding space, and watch as the number of satisfied customers increase. Another exciting element is the cute little assistant in the game that helps the players manage the shop to generate income even while they are offline. The more items and goods stored in the warehouse, the more money that flows in from sales.

Complete missions and quests from the trading guild and customers to become a reliable and beloved shopkeeper in town. There are fascinating stories and characters to discover both in and outside of the town. Players can expand the shop by purchasing beautiful furniture and decoration to make it truly theirs and maximize profits.

Get ready to become a skilled gardener by planting and harvesting exotic plants to create powerful potions and magical alchemy goods. Lily the botanist in the city center is a reliable source of excellent seeds and more extensive gardens. In the beautiful archipelago, players can enjoy the relaxing sunny atmosphere while tending to their lovely gardens.

If you're looking for a lighthearted, stress-free gaming experience, Tiny Shop is just what you need. The game is a combination of a store simulation and RPG experience, making it perfect for players who love trading and crafting. Explore deep jungles, underwater ruins, and buried dungeons to discover rare loot, more recipes, new crafting materials, and decorate your interior.

Tiny Shop is free to install, and players can download it and start customizing and designing their store immediately. However, in-app purchases are available. The music in the game is lovely, featuring tunes by Kevin MacLeod at https://incompetech.com/, including "Carpe Diem," "Porch Swing Days (slower)," and "Montauk Point," all licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. With Tiny Shop, you can research, craft, buy, sell, quest, and customize to become the most prosperous shopkeeper in town!
Tiny Cloud
Release date
Mar 14, 2021
Single player

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